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AURA collects Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST) documentation on this site as a service to our community, and provides the material on an “as-is” basis.

WFIRST is the top-ranked large space mission in the New Worlds, New Horizon Decadal Survey of Astronomy and Astrophysics. The Wide Field Instrument will provide a field of view of the sky that is 100 times larger than images provided by the Hubble Space Telescope. The coronagraph will enable astronomers to detect and measure properties of planets in other solar systems.
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Latest News and Articles


Editorials and Op-Eds

Community Reviews and WFIRST Reports

Science Slides and Presentations

Fact and Information Sheets

WFIRST Technical Progress

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Latest News and Articles

Jeff Foust (11-27-18) Senator Seeks Assurances on JWST and WFIRST Funding SPACENEWS

Jeff Foust (09-05-18) Exoplanet report recommends development of large space telescope SPACENEWS

Jeff Foust (05-16-18) House appropriations bill partially restores WFIRST funding SPACENEWS

Jeff Foust (03-07-18). House members question balance of NASA programs in 2019 budget proposal SPACENEWS

Hanneke Weitering (03-07-18). Cutting NASA Science Missions ‘Can Set a Dangerous Precedent,’ Congressman Warns

NASA’s proposed budget cuts could force them to discard the search for “dark matter.” (03-06-2018). InfoGlitz

All Sides with Ann Fisher (02-28-2018). Proposed NASA Budget Threatens Flagship Project Radio talk show at WOSU, Ohio

Marcia Smith (02-27-2018). Hertz: WFIRST to Continue as Planned Until Congress Determines Its Fate SPACEPOLICYONLINE.COM

David Dickinson (02-20-2018). NASA Budget Proposal Cancels WFIRST Sky and Telescope

Jeff Foust (02-19-2018). Will WFIRST last? The Space Review

Dennis Overbye (02-19-2018).  Astronomers’ Dark Energy Hopes Fade to Gray   New York Times

Marcia Smith (02-15-2018). Astronomers Gravely Concerned About Proposed WFIRST Cancellation SPACEPOLICYONLINE.COM

Calla Cofield (02-15-2018). Astronomers Will Fight to Save WFIRST Space Telescope from Being Axed

Chelsea Gohd (02-15-2018). What Would Happen if We Cancelled the WFIRST Space Telescope? Futurisim

Samriddhi Dastidar (02-13-2018). Trump’s New NASA Budget Could Cancel Important Telescope Project That Can Solve Dark Matter Mystery Tech Times

Amina Khan (02-12-2018).  Trump’s budget would kill NASA’s WFIRST telescope. Astronomers say that would be a mistake Los Angeles Times

Ethan Siegel (02-12-2018). Trump’s Proposed FY2019 Budget To Gut NASA Astrophysics, Destroying Cutting-Edge Science Forbes

Meghan Bartels (02-12-2018). Trump’s New Nasa Budget Aims To Scrap Critical Telescope Project That Could Help Solve Dark Matter Mystery  Newsweek

Ryan F. Mandelbaum (02-12-2018). Trump’s Budget Would Scrap Top-Priority Telescope Gizmodo

Leah Crane (02-12-2018). NASA may lose a major space telescope and space station funding New Scientist

Lee Billings (02-12-2018). NASA Budget Proposal Defunds Space Station, Space Telescopes and More Scientific American

Marina Koren (02-12-2018). The NASA Space Telescope Trump Wants to Cancel The Atlantic



Joel R. Parriott (02-12-2018).  AAS Leaders Concerned with Proposed Cancellation of WFIRST


Editorials and Op-Eds

Robert Zubrin (05-15-18) Advice to the New NASA Administrator The Weekly Standard

W.H. Auden (04-29-18) When the government doesn’t fund astronomy, we all get left in the dark The Outline

David Sand and Ben Williams (03-23-2018) Proposed NASA cuts would cede US leadership, hurt science in Arizona

Saul Perlmutter, Adam G. Riess and Brian P. Schmidt (03-05-2018). From Einstein to GPS to the Back Seat Scientific American

Steven Finkelstein and Casey Papovich (02-27-2018). We Will Not Maintain Our Leadership in Astronomy if Budget Cuts Pass Rio Grande Guardian

Ellen Stofan and Waleed Abdalati (02-21-2018). Canceling NASA’s High Priority Missions: Bad Policy, Bad Precedent, Bad for Science Scientific American

Thomas F. Rosenbaum and Edward C. Stone (02-20-2018). This is exactly the wrong time to retreat from space The Washington Post

Jon Morse (02-20-2018). Op-ed | In defense of astrophysics Spacenews

Ethan Siegel (02-20-2018). Cancelling WFIRST Will Permanently Ruin NASA Forbes


Community Reviews and WFIRST Reports

Susanna Kohler (11-28-2018) Simulating WFIRST’s Search for Supernovae AAS NOVA

2017 WFIRST Independent External Technical/Management/Cost Review (WIETR)

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. 2016. New Worlds, New Horizons: A Midterm Assessment. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.

2015 WFIRST Science Definition Team Report

National Research Council. 2014. Evaluation of the Implementation of WFIRST/AFTA in the Context of New Worlds, New Horizons in Astronomy and Astrophysics. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.

National Research Council. 2010. New Worlds, New Horizons in Astronomy and Astrophysics. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.


Science Slides and Presentations

Webcasted science presentations from the STScI 2017 “Astronomy in the 2020s: Synergies with WFIRST” meeting

WFIRST slides package (pdf) (ppt)

WFIRST 10 slide introduction (pdf) (ppt)


Fact and Information Sheets

WFIRST Science Sheet (pdf)

WFIRST Science and Technical Information (pdf)

WFIRST and LSST Synergies (pdf)


WFIRST Technical Progress


Other Resources


Robin McKie (10-06-2012). Secret spy telescopes’ new role: helping Nasa hunt for life beyond solar system The Guardian

Dennis Overbye (06-04-2012). Ex-Spy Telescope May Get New Identity as a Space Investigator New York Times
Joel Achenbach (06-04-2012). NASA gets two military spy telescopes for astronomy Washington Post